The secret to your success at automating all your woodworking disciplines is Legacy’s CNC system with independent workstations. It’s like owning three CNC machines in one. So why would you purchase 1/3rd of a CNC when you can own one system to do it all?

The Horizontal Workstation

The Horizontal Workstation comes standard with a built-in multi-zone vacuum table system controlled by the software. You have multiple options when it comes to the type of table you need and you can easily swap out a different type of table.

The Vertical Workstation

Precision joinery is the keystone to quality woodworking. The Vertical Table allows you to work on the edges and ends of your part. The Vertical Table is commonly used to machine box joints, dovetails, castle joints, and mortise and tenon jointery. The table can be set at any angle between 0 and 90 degrees. In addition, the fences can also be set at various angles allowing you to create compound angle joinery. The table can also be used as a drill press allowing you to pocket machine large diameter holes.

The Turning Workstation

Legacy is the industry leader in CNC innovation and capabilities. The turning center is a perfect example. When producing a 4-axis CNC for turning, the industry has only one solution; however, not all turning stations are created equal. No 4-axis CNC can compare to Legacy’s Turning Workstation.

Features Include

– 4-axis interpolated motion for rotary turning, rotary caring, index turning, indexed carving, and lacing.

– Independent A-axis motion for lathe-type turning.

– Articulated bed (B-axis) that increases tapered index or turned parts cutting speed up to 30X.

– CCAM software. The only software that can take full advantage of all of Legacy’s exclusive turning features.