Maverick 4×8

If you want a CNC system that can automate virtually all woodworking disciplines, the Maverick 4X8 is the CNC
for you.  Showcasing more advanced features and benefits than any other CNC in its class.  The complete system includes the vertical workstations for machining precision joinery, the most advanced and capable 4 + 1 Axis turning center available, and a built-in vacuum table system. 

Introducting the E-series Starting at $39,500
Purchase what you need now, upgrade at any time!

Shown with the optional Auto Tool Change Spindle, Vacuum Table System, Vertical Workstation, and Turning Workstation.

Introducing the Maverick E-series CNC System

Woodworkers often tell us that they are impressed by the many capabilities of our Maverick CNC systems.  They love our company, our website, our training and support, and the fact that our products are made in the USA.

They really want to invest in a Legacy CNC system, but they just don’t have the need for the turning center or joining systems.  Their current situation only calls for a flat table system.

Of course, we build them what they want.  Later some woodworkers have found that their needs have changed, evolved, and have asked us to upgrade their machines with one or more of our workstations.

Of course, we say yes again, but upgrades in the field are expensive.  Expensive until now.

The Maverick #-series was developed for this situation.  Our E-series, E for evolution, is plug and play ready for all our powerful workstations


All of the electronic controls and cables are pre-wired and ready for you to add at any time.

More good news!  Legacy’s powerful workstations have the same price whether you buy them with your original purchase or add them at some future point.

So, if you would like to start with a basic CNC system and add more workstations as your needs and skills evolve then the Maverick E-series was designed for you.

Machine Specifications

Maverick 4x4 System Maverick 4x8 System
Foot Print
87 in x 73 in x 68 in
171 in x 73 in x 73 in
Table Size
49 in x 49 in
49 in x 97 in
Rotary Size
37 in Length x 10 in swing diameter
79 in Length x 10 in swing diameter
Spindle Size
6 Horse Power
6 Horse Power
Rapid Speed
1500 IPM
1500 IPM
+/- 0.001 in
+/- 0.001 in

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What is included with the CNC

Includes: Controller, keyboard & mouse, 3-workstations,
Spindle, Dust manifold, Tooling, Smart Tool,
Fixtures, Maintenance supplies,
training, support,


Spindle: ATC, MTC
Vacuum Table
Mobility Kit
Conversational CAM