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  • Evolution

    (part no. L-Evolution 36)


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    How would you like to create ornate custom parts with one easy-to-use milling machine that would normally require several machines and hand tools, not to mention time, money and experience to create? Legacy's NEW Evolution Ornamental Mill is exactly the machine to help you achieve that dream.

    The Evolution can be used as a turning center to create custom spindles, post, legs and ornamental bowls.

    Simply cut joinery flutes, reeds and spirals for more options.

    With the Evolution used as a 7-axis milling center, create custom mouldings, rails, styles, table tops and more.

    Router sold separately.

    System comes assembled and is shipped via freight.



    Stock Capacity
    Maximum Length:

    36" center-to-center

    Stock Capacity
    Maximum Swing Diameter:


    Machining Envelope
    8.5" X 36"

    Stock Capacity
    Maximum Width:

    18" (feed through)

    Spiral Pitches:
    2", 3", 4", 4 1/2", 5", 6",
    & 7 1/2" per rotation.

    Spiral Direction:
    Left & Right

    24 Positions / 15 degree

    Turning Taper Angle:
    3.1 degrees maximum

    Spiral Taper Angle:
    1 degree maximum

    Taper Diameter Difference:
    9" maximum

    60" X 26"

    Crate size: 60" x 32" x 40" x 330 lbs.

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