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Featuring the Legacy Ornamental Mill!

Turn without a lathe!

In the past learning to turn was the dragon that had to be slain in order to create really fine furniture or architectural components. Poking a sharp object into a fast turning, unstale, and unpredictable medium seems lke poking a stick in the wheel of your bike as you ride down the road and expecting positive results.

The Legacy Ornamental Mill uses a more sensible approach to turning. We use a router to provide the cutting providing several advantages over the traditional lathe. The first is safety. Because the router bit is spinning at high speed is is no longer necesary to spin the wood at 1000 rpm. The second is accuracy. The shape of the router bit is used to an advantage. A flat bottom bit could be used to create a smooth surface on the work-piece and a router bit with a profile could be used to create coves, beads, and many other details. These details could be cut around the circumference of the work-piece or along its length. The third advantage is speed. Using a router bit with two cutting blades spinning at 21000 rpm delivering 42000 cuts every minute is a huge step forward in productivity.

We invice you to investigate the Legacy Ornamental Mill. Legacy Woodworking Machinery produces 6 different models. We have a machine that will help anyone from hobbyist to professional build a woodworking legacy of their own.

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