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Name:  Robert Neitzke

Address:   Wheeler MI 
Email:   bobn@rural-net.com
Type:   Hobbyist

"I am real happy I bought your ornamental mill and have had lots of enjoyment using it in creating the various projects I have made. Some of these could not have been made with out this unique woodworking tool. I find each time I use it there are more things that it can be used for than I had previously supposed. "

"I recently had a request to make shaker style table legs. They wanted square legs that were 3" square at the top and tapered down to 1 3/4" square at the bottom. THE WOODCHUCK is an excellent machine for doing something like that. It is much safer and more accurate then trying to do that same job on a table or band saw."


Bob Neitzke

Bob Neitzke is a retired "blue collar" chemical plant supervisor. Over the years, however, he developed a love for creating various projects out of wood; eventually becoming a self educated bona fide woodworker. His favorite woodworking projects are furniture pieces and cabinets - a number of which he has placed in the new house that he built. As his accumulation of equipment increased it became necessary for him to move his workshop out of his basement into a 22' x 36' building build just for that purpose.

In December of 1994, while attending a Detroit woodworking show, Bobs wife Cheri encouraged him to buy the unique 56 woodworking ornamental mill (along with its floor stand and a .25X duplex gear accessory) that they saw being demonstrated by a company called Phantom Engineering (the parent company of Legacy Woodworking Machinery. At that time the mill was black in color and was called the Woodchuck Ornamental Mill.

The Woodchuck opened up new avenues of exploration in design and production for Bob. "I like to build furniture and cabinets the best. I built my own house, barn, and almost all of my own furniture. Most of the tools I own I never used before I bought them; this is also true, of course, of the Woodchuck Ornamental Mill. I am happy that I bought it and have spent many enjoyable hours creating and milling various projects. Some of those projects couldn't have been made without this cleverly designed piece of machinery. I find that each time I use your milling machine there are more things I find it can be used for.

'I especially like to use the Woodchuck when I work with crooked or uneven material. With it I can easily make the material straight and square. I had a request from a friend to make a kitchen table and he wanted square legs that were tapered - smaller on the bottom than on the top. This was easy to do using my Woodchuck Ornamental Mill and it was much safer than trying to make then on a table saw.

'The Woodchuck is handy when you want to put dovetail slots in a column, mill dowels on feet that can then be attached to  pedestal table legs, etc - or for fastening 4 columns together like I did on a roller stand I made for my shop. (Columns 2 in Gallery Projects)

'I have made numerous jigs to use with my woodchuck so I can do some of the same things that can now be done on the new and better Legacy milling machines. I am sure a new machine would be much nicer to have than my older model but then people that do this for a hobby need to control their expenses.

'I would like to mention that a couple of years ago we were in Provo, UT. Cheri and I stopped in at Legacy Woodworking Machinery and had a very nice chat with the people there and along with a short tour of the place. I am looking forward to seeing their display and demonstration at the next woodworking show in Detroit."

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