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Name:  Stan Shuford

Address:   Marietta GA 
Email:   stan@shuford.com
Type:   Hobbyist

"Who would benefit from using the Legacy Ornamental Mill? Anyone who makes cabinets or furniture or similar products . . . those in home finishing, restoration or construction . . . actually, I can't think of any one specific type of woodworker who would not benefit. This is really a fun machine."


For many years, Stan Shuford was a closet woodworker. Though content in his employment with IBM, he really enjoyed working with wood. In his spare time, Stan would contentedly tinker in his wood shop as often as time would allow. It seemed to Stan that woodworking would be a natural retirement hobby. Over the years had accumulated some tools and joined the local woodworking association, Georgia's Woodworking Guild. 

After 36 loyal years with IBM, Stan retired and this allowed him the time he needed to get serious about doing what he enjoyed doing most. He became acquainted with the Legacy Ornamental Machinery products at a woodworking show he attended in Atlanta, GA. He was so fascinated with the demonstration that was presented that he had to watch it over and over again. This experience spiked a keen interest in what we had to offer. He could visualize how the ornamental mill could open up new vistas in his future woodworking experiences. "I felt like the Legacy would enable me to do what I couldn't do before."

Smitten with the machine, Stan judiciously spoke with his wife about purchasing it and both agreed that the machine was a tool that he could not live without. After using the machine for a while, Stan found that it lived up to his every expectation. "My favorite feature of the Legacy is its unique turning capabilities. Roping molding, barley twists and basic lathe work, with extra ornamentations and fewer tool requirements, are all possible on this one machine. I also like how the mill enables absolute control of all movements made by the router. Precision of this caliber has been something I have been unable to find anywhere else."

Stan recently participated in the Georgia Woodworking Guild's annual woodworking competition extravaganza which was part and parcel of the 2004 woodworking show held in Atlanta. Five to six hundred woodworkers joined in the competition. "Having the competition held during the Woodworking show was fun because it allowed the competitors to display their works at a venue where hundreds of people would look at their display."

With the projects built on his Legacy Ornamental Mill, Stan took first and third places in the Decorative Items Category. He also took first place in the Carvings Category with a project he created by hand, not using the Legacy mill. "These wins advanced me into the 'masters' category with the guild, which is kind of an honor for me."

One of the prize-winning pieces submitted by Mr. Shuford was the hammer-head cane that is featured in Legacy's Project Video Series. "Everybody who walked by my cane display got a smile on their face."

Stan's array of canes not only drew attention at the show, they are a local favorite also. "My doctor (who recently had knee surgery) even walks with one. Several people in my home town have purchased canes from me, they are a real hit. I really appreciate the project instructional videos 1-5 & 6-10 that came with the machine. They are a great aid in quickly learning the most effective way to use the Legacy Ornamental Mill. I might have been lost on how to get started had I not began with the sample projects."

There was an interesting "spin off" from the show where Stan won his awards. An individual came up to him and asked him if he could make decorative walking sticks to be used as favors in his local Eagle Scout program. Stan has made three so far - another unexpected source of revenue.

Stan is well pleased with his Legacy mill and delights in broadcasting its virtues. "At this last Woodworking show several people who were considering purchasing a Legacy Mill came up to me and asked what I thought about the machine. I told them I had never dreamed that one machine could add so much to my shop. My Legacy gives me an edge. I try to use it on every piece I create because it allows me to add something unique. I would also tell them that everyone I have spoken to at Legacy's home office has been so helpful, friendly and easy to deal with."

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