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Unique Milling/Turning Creation

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Bed, 4 poster
Tappered Expanded Rope Design

Name:  James Neff

Address:   Catasaugua PA 
Email:   acerwoodturning@rcn.com
Type:   Professional


Like so many of Legacy's talented "family members", Jim Neff grew up working with wood. His father was a custom woodworker, or "special carpenter", who built custom pieces for some of the Generals and Colonels stationed at the Fort Monmouth army base in New Jersey. Following in his father's footsteps, Jim was also destined to become a talented wood turner.

In 1999 Jim was introduced to the Legacy Ornamental Mill while attending a craft show. He was inquiring of his fellow crafters concerning techniques for turning spirals when a fellow craftsman showed him a magazine containing an advertisement sponsored by the Legacy Woodworking Machinery Company. At first glance Jim knew that the featured machine would do what he wanted to be done. He contacted Legacy Woodworking Machinery shortly thereafter and began the process of arranging to purchase one of their units. Being the shrewd business person that he is, Jim convinced the furniture company that he was working for at the time to finance a Model 1000 Legacy Ornamental Mill. 

Jim: "I had it paid off for them within the first 3 months." 

Jim also persuaded his company to finance, based - of course - on his need to "practice milling in his spare time", an additional Ornamental Mill for his home shop.

As good fortune would have it, after "practicing" on his Legacy Ornamental Mill for 3 months, Jim Neff entered and won first place in a design contest sponsored by our company, Legacy Woodworking Machinery; the prize for first place being a Model 1000 Legacy Ornamental Mill. With his newly won prize Jim had an Ornamental Mill for production use with his company and two to play with at home; it is no surprise that Jim has become a highly skilled Ornamental Mill operator.

Jim: "The first Legacy display that I ever visited had a billboard in the top corner of the booth featuring one of the pieces that I had designed and milled. That made me feel mighty good. I walked up to booth and said, 'Man, that is a great piece', then I introduced myself."

Jim has created a number of remarkable pieces on both his lathe (the tool he grew up with) and his Legacy - sometimes combining the unique features of both. Even though he claims to be a wood turner first, he is more than pleased with what he has been able to do with his mill.

Jim: "I highly recommend the Legacy. I sold three of your machines at the last show I went to." 

The feature that Jim appreciates most about the Legacy mill is the ease by which it allows him to make repetitive pieces.

Jim: "I created three hundred and fifty legs that were all exactly alike. This is amazing considering I used 11 different setups on the Legacy to mill the pattern that I had designed. And for simplicity, it can't get any easier than this machine." 

Jim is currently a sub-contractor for a large furniture company -  milling furniture parts full time.

Jim: "I mostly make parts that get shipped off to factories. I really get sick of turning the same piece over and over, but it's a job. My favorite piece, however, is a pedestal urn with a hollow twist that I designed and milled. The design has been reproduced in plastic over 20,000 times." 

Despite the fact that Jim's job requires repetition, He is often thinking so far ahead of the pack that even Legacy's support group is amazed at the creations he is constantly coming up with.  

Jim: "I like the versatility of the Legacy; it allows me the opportunity to improvise and to develop my own designs. I like to see how far I can go - push the limits of the machine, so to speak."

Because of this drive to "push the limits", Jim Neff is considered by Legacy to be one of its most talented and accomplished "family" members. 

Jim is also certified by Legacy to teach lessons and/

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