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Gallery Projects:

Candle Holders
Hollow Spiral Design

Candle Holder
Religious Motif with Spiral Design Accent

Southwestern Design

Southwestern Design

Gothic Design

Southwestern Design

Religious Slant Desk Design

President's Chair

Interior Religious Decore

Southwestern Design

Southwestern Design

Name:  August Calderaro

Address:   Colorado Springs CO 
Type:   Professional

"Each spindle took me at least eight hours to complete. After working late into the night for over a month and carving until my hands bled through my gloves, the light began to dawn. There is a point when the purist is in danger of becoming a masochist and I had passed that point. About that time I came across an ad for the Woodchuck Five Axis Milling System (the precursor to today's Legacy Ornamental Mill) in woodshop news. (After receiving my ornamental mill) I turned out 8 foot bed posts in a matter of a few hours. I was working at twentieth century speed, yet crafting a product with territorial charm."

"I now have three Legacy mills set up to do different jobs in my shop. Of most importance to me, however, is that I am able to supply a product that I can take great pride in and that my customers can afford. "

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