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Name:  Wayne Blackman

Address:   San Diego CA 
Type:   Hobbyist

"I wouldn't sell my machine for twice what I paid for it, in fact, I wouldn't sell it at all! I could never give it up. I would have to spend thirty to forty thousand dollars buying equipment that would even touch what this machine can do. Two weeks after I received my Ornamental Mill, I sold my lathe. It was just taking up space. Compared to what my Legacy can do, it was a waste. "

"Anytime I have had a problem or question, they have backed up their machine 1000 percent. These people really know about customer service - I've dealt with no better, and being in the restaurant business, that's impressive."


Wayne Blackman has been in the restaurant business for 23 years. He currently owns two ocean front restaurants in San Diego, California. Business is good, and so is the food, and up until one fateful day about five or six years ago when Wayne was first introduced to woodworking, life was simple - well, almost.

Wayne's wife had designed a gate for the yard, and she wanted him to make it for her. Fortunately, despite his inexperience in the field of woodworking, Wayne's wife's gate turned out nicely . . . and, in turn, stimulated his current woodworking enthusiasm. Wayne began to study books, magazines, anything he could get his hands on that had something to do with woodworking. Despite the fact that he never had any formal training, Wayne's woodworking projects (which started out as crude and awkward attempts) became attractive and captivating works of art.

Wayne first became interested in Legacy's Ornamental Mill when he found that the prefabricated legs at the hardware store were either too small or not decorative enough for what he had in mind for the table he was working on. He had noticed Legacy's ad in the Woodshop News magazine and decided that the mill featured might be able to help him with his dilemma During his call to Legacy's home office he was persuaded to order a video, which after viewing really sparked his interest. So he made another call and ordered another video. Before he knew it, he had invested about a hundred dollars gathering information in regards to the Legacy Ornamental Mill.

After hemming and hawing, over whether the purchase would be right for him (after all he was a full time restaurant owner), Wayne decided to fly out to our location in Provo, Utah and participate in a demonstration. He purchased the machine on the spot, paying cash. He became the proud owner of the ninth Legacy Ornamental Mill that came off of the assembly line.

Wayne is convinced that the machine has changed his life, he now spends every spare moment with his Legacy. In fact, his wife sometimes regrets introducing Wayne to his new hobby because she frequently has to drag him from his shop to have meals or go on some errand that he needed to attend to.

Despite her frustrations, however, she is continually coming up with some new project for Wayne to consider. He swears he has a million varied projects lined up. His list of completed Legacy projects include: six 6x6 posts for a balcony at one of his restaurants, barley twist birdhouse stands (which are greatly in demand), 8x8 spiral posts for his home balcony, impressive candlesticks, a plant stand, and much more. Wayne is currently designing a display case for his restaurant in which he will display some of his creation for sell. He doesn't mind being so busy. He feels that using our machine helps him to cope with life's frustrations and his restaurant's demands. Wayne's favorite feature of the Legacy Ornamental Mill is how easily it enables him to produce entire projects in a single day. 

"You can have a design for a table or a candlestick in your head and it can be a tangible object by the end of the day." 

To sum it all up, the Legacy Ornamental Mill has made Wayne Blackman a very happy camper. In addition to a successful business, he also has a successful hobby, a machine that provides him with unlimited possibilities, and the ability to impress all that come in contact with his woodworking "legacy." As he puts it, "Every friend in woodworking envies me - every friend."

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