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Name:  Tom Wickham

Address:   Gilroy CA 
Email:   twickham@garlic.com
Type:   Hobbyist

"When I first was introduced to the Legacy Ornamental Mill, I new instinctively that it could, in a short time, take me from the average hobbyist to that of an artist. Anyone can make a simple table or an entertainment center. I wanted something with a little more flair - something different."

"I can't imagine trying something like this (spindle with a ribbon twist design) without my Legacy machine. It makes beautiful things happen almost by itself. What a great tool to have in my shop. Thanks for making a machine with so much function and fantastic quality."


Tom Wickham, who lives in Gilroy Ca. (the Garlic Capital of the World), is a software engineer for IBM who entered a project in one of Legacy Woodworking's Ornamental Milling contests. 

With plans of retirement and all the freedom that it promises looming in his near future, Tom became sensibly conscious of the need to fill up his extra time with something more than unaccustomed boredom. In short, Tom needed a new hobby. Attracted by the aesthetic appeal and sense of accomplishment that working with wood can create, Tom converted his old horse barn into a workshop where he could seek for and learn the master's nuances of woodworking skills.

While he was still employed full-time, however, Tom knew that he didn't want to waste time getting established in his new avocation so he began collecting the tools and the knowledge that he felt was needed in order for him to "hit the road running". He also knew that he wouldn't be satisfied with what just average woodworkers could do. Consequently, one of his first purchases was the Legacy Ornamental Mill - Model 1500.

With a little encouragement from Norm Abram's New Yankee Workshop along with the necessity to replace his TV "snack tray" with something a little more practical, Tom decided to step out on a limb and design his first original creation, using his Legacy 1500 for the first time! His project ended up being an end table that sat along side his recliner, designed in such a way that its drawers could be accessed from the front or from the back.

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