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Gallery Projects:

Bowl, Tazza
Hollow Spiral Stem

Vase, Bud
Colored Accent

Vase, Bud
Hollow Spiral Design

Candle Holder
Double Helix Design

Candle Holder
Fluted Design

Candle Holder
Tapered Pillowed Diamond Design

Candle Holder
Tapered Flute Design

Candle Holder
Tapered Spiral Design

Candle Holder
Square Spiral Design

Candle Holder
Composite Design with Flared Base

Maple Table Lamp With Porcelain Stem

Name:  Glenn Webster

Address:   Mesa AZ 
Type:   Hobbyist

"It took me a while to decide to purchase the Legacy Ornamental Mill, but now that I have it I am glad that I did."


Glenn and his wife are a retired couple living in Mesa, Arizona. Even though he might be considered an amateur woodworker, the creations that he has produced on his Legacy Ornamental mill are strong indications that he is not only a lover of fine woods and fine woodwork, but that he also enjoys putting his many talents to work.

One of Glenn's many interests includes that of genetic research. In one of his projects (that of an otherwise ordinary candlestick holder), he has combined his fascination with the DNA molecule with that of working with various woods that he collects in his travels or purchases on the open market. As a result he has suspended a representation of this molecule within the spaces created by the hollow spiral that he has milled in his unique candlestick holder.

He has also been able to create exotic pieces by combing two or more woods either as separate components of the piece itself or as inclusive glued up segments. On a number of these he has also added another personal touch by combining wood and other elements together to add color or to give each piece its own unique characteristic.

Many of these features have been included in Glenn's Gallery portfolios listed above.

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