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Name:  James Pervost

Address:   Vancouver WA 
Web Site:   http://www.collector-canes.com
Type:   Hobbyist


Jim Prevost artistically utilizes his forty years of woodworking experience during the creation of his custom built ornamental walking canes, sticks and staffs.

"All of our canes are uniquely crafted and their handles are meticulously shaped for comfort. We use a high quality water base polymer semi-gloss finish. Exotic hardwoods are chosen for their beauty, strength and density. Properly designed for weight distribution, providing maximum stability; all walking cane components are assembled with epoxy and waterproof adhesives." Jim Pervost

"Our two piece walking canes are easy for the traveler to take apart; are signed and numbered in editions of 100; allows our customers to mix exotic woods and decor rings and are engineered to stay tight and absorb impact while walking, thanks to our uniquely designed locking joint." Jim Pervost

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