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CNC Milling Samples
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CNC Milling - Table Leg
CNC Carving & Milling on Same Project

Swan Design Wall Clock


Indexed Brick Pattern

Cheval Mirror

Gateleg Table with Drop Leaf

Queen Ann Style Legs

Four Poster Canopy Bed

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Executive Gift Sets

Jewelry Box

Carpenters Specialty

Flag Display Holder
In Honor of Our Service Men & Women

Name:  Tracy Anderson

Address:   Springville UT 
Email:   tracy@legacywoodworking.com
Type:   Instructor

"I give everyone the same challenge. Look at what the Legacy can do, then start making a list of all the machines and tools that you will need to buy to do the same work. When you reach $10,000 and your garage is full, come back and I'll show you what you still can't do."


Daryl "Andy" Anderson and his brother Tracy created a business called Phantom Engineering, Inc. in 1993 for the sole purpose of introducing new tooling technology into an otherwise somewhat stagnated woodworking industry. 

Most professional and amateur woodworkers seemed to be locked into producing "boxy type" designs. The first innovative equipment that the brothers designed and marketed, called the Legacy Ornamental Mill, allowed creative woodworkers to more fully utilize their "penned in" capabilities. Now these same woodworkers are only limited by their own imagination not by the equipment they own.  

Eventually other unique pieces of equipment were added to Phantom's list of products. Consequently, a subsidiary of Phantom Engineering was established and became their main manufacturing and marketing organization.

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