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Name:  Joe Sarich

Address:   Dearborn MI 
Email:   jsarich@comcast.net
Type:   Hobbyist


I started woodworking about 15 years ago. For many years I restored Model "A" Fords and 914 Porsches. Over a period of five years I attended quite a few classes on making fine furniture. These classes were taught by world renowned woodworkers who write for Fine Wooding Magazine.


I than began building custom furniture and I am still learning and I still think of myself as a student of woodworking. About four years ago I bought a Legacy mill to redo our family room. This project took a long time. I made fluted columns, dental molding and 58 rosettes, etc.


I also ended up in the hospital with heart problems twice, I don't think the mill had anything to do with my problems, but it took 18 months to get the room complete. I do a lot of restoration work and use the mill to make parts and to make custom furniture. In the last year I made two curio cabinets.


The East Broad Top Railroad in Pa. is restoring two 1860 passenger cars and I used the mill to make 68 window sashes. They plan on installing them during the winter. I really am proud of the sashes as these cars are going to last another 100 years and many people will get a chance to enjoy riding on an old train pulled with a steam engine.


My shop is in my 35' X 35' garage and the cars are outside all winter. So I am making my wife a jewelry box this winter. Joe Sarich

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