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Toy Vehicles
An Array of CNC Created Toy Vehicles

CNC Created

Game Boards
CNC Created

An Array of designs

Oregon Myrtle & Black Walnut Coffee Tables

Cnc Created

Magazine Rack
Cherry & Black Walnut

Letter Engravings

Made From Scraps
A way to use up scrap material

Name:  Dale & Debra CNC Hellewell

Address:   Othello WA 
Email:   dhellew2@scml.us
Type:   Professional


Dale and Debra were among the first to purchase Legacy's CNC Performance up-grade package that attached to their Model 1200 Ornamental Mill.


"The toys [we make] are for the kids to play with at a family reunion in June, then will be auctioned off for reunion money.


'About myself, I am retired, will be 67 this year, been a wood worker since I was about 10 years old. I only do wood working for fun, nothing is for hire or for sale. Most of the projects end up as gifts." Dale Hellewell


The enjoyment that Dale & Debra receive from using their Legacy Ornamental Mill along with its CNC Performance upgrade package is obvious after seeing the uniqueness and volume of the items they have created

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