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Name:  Curtis George

Address:   Royal Oak,  MI 
Email:   curtgeorge@wowway.com
Type:   Professional

"As a wood worker I create martial art equipment and supplies. Nothing fancy although the equipment must be strong and sturdy in order to be used as training aids for our students. Before I purchased the Legacy everything had been made by hand. The precision and quality of your machine allows me to complete a job in 45 minutes that would normally take me over three hours. Talk about a time-saver!"

"I am learning more every day. I find your machine to be a godsend. I now can produce almost anything my heart desires - high-quality equipment for martial arts or the "honeydoo" projects that always seem to be there. Your legacy ornamental mill is truly a one-of-a-kind tool, It provides so many options. Your advertising slogan "You are only Limited by your Imagination" is truly correct. Thank you Legacy."

"Because of the capabilities inherent in the Legacy Ornamental Mill, my Mook Jong training devices have been modified from the traditional one. These modifications, assure that my equipment is uniquely mine, and cannot be found anywhere else on the open market. Consequently, I am in the process of creating my own 'Legacy' in the field of martial arts."


Curtis George was introduced to the art of woodworking at an early age. With his mother's help, he started out refinishing furniture as a hobby. By the time he was ten years of age he had refinished a number of pieces on his own that met with his mother's approval. From that time on Curtis found a great deal of satisfaction in making things with his hands, as a result woodworking became an important part of his early years.

While in high school Curtis started training in the martial arts. There were some basic tools (weapons, training dummies, and striking pads.) that he could not afford to buy, so he decided to try to make them on his own. A number of the other students that he trained with liked what he was doing and asked him to make some equipment for them as well.

Twenty years have passed since then and he is still improving his martial arts as well as his woodworking skills. With the Legacy Ornamental Mill, however, he has raised his woodworking skills to a level that he had not even dreamed of when he first started these pursuits back in his high school days.

Addendum (2005): Curtis has branched out into other areas of woodworking since he created his Mook Jong (Chinese for wooden man) martial arts equipment.


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