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Gallery Projects:

A Laminated Circular Top on a Uniquely Designed Pedestal

Bowles, Taza
Multiple Designs on Bowls Mounted on Pedestals

Crafted Walking Canes

Christmas Gift
Hour Glass with Rope Design Spindles

Informational Board
Trimmed Magazine Style Rack

Name:  Kenneth Arey

Address:   Manchester CT 
Type:   Hobbyist

" I enjoy designing and crafting my wooden items. If I didn't I would not be doing this at 84 years of age"


Kenneth is one of the contestants that entered our "Win 500 Legacy Bucks" contest that ran from 1 December 2007 through 31 January 2008. He entered 5 different projects that he had created unsing his Legacy ornamental mill.

He gets most of his exotic woods from Eisenbrand, Inc. 4100 Spencer Street, Torrance - CA 90503.

Ken writes:  "I have added two rooms, an enclosed porch, a basement and a recreational area onto our home.I have also designed and crafted raised panels for the dinning room and living room.

'I have handcrafted picture frames, furniture, pen and pencil sets, umbrella holders and wooden clocks.

'I have designed and crafted over 3,000 bowls (mostly), vases, plates and covered containers. I also have crafted 75 mirror and picture frames. 

The finished color of these projects are the natural colors of the wood used; I have used a stain only once. I feel that the natural colors are better than stains or paint. I finish the bowls and containers with 5 coats of Food Safe Oil Finish. Ever thing else I use a urathane finish.  I enjoy designing and crafting my wooden items. If I didn't I would not be doing this at 84 years of age."

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