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Victorian Style

Victorian Style

Clock, Grandfather
Created in 2007

Table, Display
Victorian Design

Name:  David Macklem

Address:   5830 Frament Ave.
Norfolk VA 23502

Email:   dmacklem@cox.net
Phone:   757 466 9459
Type:   Professional

"My Legacy isn't the only tool in my shop, but I use it to take a project 3 steps further along than what I could otherwise do. "


Dave Macklem discovered the thrill of woodworking in high school woodshop while thumbing through an old book. This particular book just happened to feature a hollow spiral candlestick holder crafted by a man using only a file. From even this young age, the ability to create something so intricate and beautiful intrigued Dave so much that, although it took hours and hours to complete, he filed a similar candlestick holder for himself,.

For many years, Dave wanted to become an Industrial Arts Teacher, but Vietnam happened and ended any thoughts Dave had of college; he entered the Navy instead. After serving there for 10 years, Dave became a limited duty officer; a Marine Engineer. With 13 years as a naval officer under his belt, however, Dave retired in 1990 and went to work for Lockheed Martin, America's top defense contractor.

"You know the F-117 & F-22 airplanes, well there you go! That was us. " Dave Macklem

Through all his years in the Navy, Dave always stayed connected to woodworking. Being at sea most of the time, he didn't get to spend a lot of time on shore. When his ship was docked in places such as France, Spain or Italy, however, he spent much of his time in Cathedrals meditating, and studying old-world craftsmanship.

In the 1980s, Dave took 30 days shore leave in order to fulfill one of his earliest woodworking ambitions, to build a clock adorned with hollow spirals. To help him create this unique design he purchased a Sears Router Crafter. Although Dave's first clock projects were successful, he persistently searched the internet for some fantastic tool to aid him in his woodworking endeavors.

"If it weren't for the Internet, I would never have found the Legacy. I was searching for some­thing to do with spindles and Legacy Ornamental Mill came up on one of the search engines. I wondered what the heck that was and decided to check it out. " Dave Macklem

Pictures of Monty Gould's fancy canes featured on our site really impressed Dave. Although he saved his money for about a year in order to purchase his Mill, he always knew he would own one. Apparently Dave's Legacy Ornamental Mill has made quite a difference in his woodworking.

"Though the Sears Router Crafter made 100 % improvement from building clocks by hand, Legacys Ornamental Mill made a 6,000 % improvement over the router crafter. This machine is well-built, real quality stuff. " Dave Macklem

The time Dave spend examining and admiring ancient architecture during his shore leaves in the various countries he visited has returned him many dividends. He still remembers what these skilled craftsmen did and continually uses their skillful examples to help him create his own masterpieces.

"Some people really get in to what you can do on a lathe, to me that stuff is nice, but boring. My Ornamental Mill isn't the only tool in my shop, but I use it to take a project 3 steps forward. " Dave Macklem

Knowing Dave's interests, it is not surprising that he is ecstatic about the hollow-spiral and contour following capabilities of the Legacy. He enjoys making decorative bun feet, which his wife calls "Hershey Kisses" due to their shape and the color of Dave's favorite working medium, walnut. Dave also enjoys making finials - anything ornate and Victorian. His love for the ornate and his attention to detail is clearly evident in his clock projects. They are not only unique in design and composition, however, but they are also constructed in such a manner that they can be disassembled for easy cleaning and shipping. When discussing one of his projects (that took over 400 hours to complete) Dave stated: "Really I sold myself short, I ran out of ceiling before I finished all of what I wanted to do. Of course I was still learning the machine, plus I'm a stickler for pro­portion. If I don't like something, I'll ju

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