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Table & Chair Set
Matched Design

House Number Hanger
Fluted House Number Hanger & Post

Candle Holder
Colonial Style Nightstand Candlestick Holder

Lamp Designs

Name:  Dale Weiman

Address:   East Hampton CT 
Email:   daleweiman@comcast.net
Type:   Hobbyist

"As a serious hobbyist I believe the Legacy ornamental Mill is a piece of equipment that will save money and asist the average and professional woodworkers"


Dale writes: "When I retired I built a new house, doing my own subcontracting and finishing work. This rekindled my interest in woodworking. I took a number of woodworking classes and purchased additional equipment. I found I was interested in trying all kinds of woodworking projects from simple boxes to two entertainment centers along with a corner china cabinet.

'After watching the Legacy Ornamental Mill being demonstrated sat a woodworking show, I purchased the Legacy 800 model in 2003. Because I could produce duplicate parts easily, I made a cherry dining room table and 6 chairs. Without the Legacy I could not have easily produced the 6 chairs. Because my project were getting larger, I purchased the Legacy 1200 model in September of 2005 and sold my model 800.

'As one can see, I am sold on the Legacy. Although I still consider myself a novice with the Legacy it allows me to produce items I could not do without more equipment and experience."

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