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Name:  Bob Alexander

Address:   Taylor MI 
Type:   Hobbyist

"I enjoy using the Legacy Ornamental Mill and am amazed at what it allows me to do. "


Bob Alexander

Bob, who is a thirty year plus Chrysler Corporation design engineer retiree, is one of those remarkable individuals that never allows life's unexpected vicissitudes to deter his determination to succeed in whatever he is engaged in. After his retirement from Chrysler he involved himself in his own business that allowed him to use his designing skills to accommodate the needs of other companies that he became affiliated with; often having to create his own tooling in order to do so.

Sometime during 1996 (the year of his retirement) Bob became involved, as a hobbyist, in the field of woodworking. He first bought a small table saw and then added to his tool inventory each year until he eventually ended up with a well equipped woodworking shop that allowed him to create projects at will. The crowning jewel in his woodworking shop, however, was the Legacy 1200 Ornamental Mill that he purchased a couple of years ago; a machine that he just had to have after watching it being demonstrated at the Novi Woodworking Show that was held in the vicinity of Detroit, Michigan.  

Even though, now in his mid 70s, Bob has been declared legally blind due to the macular degeneration in his eyes, he has not minimized his activities in his woodshop. Instead he has used is designing skills to create devices that allow him to measure, mill and finish as well as ever.

Bob is always willing to use his skills and his equipment to create items customized to his customers specifications.

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