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Candle Holder
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Name:  Gary Hensley

Address:   Van Nuys CA 
Email:   wldo1ers@pacbell.net
Web Site:   https://www.bosboomstead.com/wldo1ers
Type:   Hobbyist

"I fell in love with the Legacy Ornamental mill from the first moment I saw it demonstrated."


Even though Gary is, due to a long term illness, legally blind, it has not stopped him from pursuing his life long love of working with wood. His interest is continually spiked by his attendance at all of the woodworking shows that come near to where he lives.

Gary's interest in woodworking began when he was in High School. Since that time his innovative skills have developed to where he now is able, by word of mouth only, to keep busily engaged meeting the requests, many of which are somewhat unorthodox, that continually come in. These requests include custom made furniture, wooden computer accouterments, picture frames, bookshelves, doll furniture, wall adornments, etc.

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