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Southwest Rocker

Name:  Robert Hensarling

Address:   Uvale TX 
Type:   Professional


Robert is a South Texas artisan that has been creating museum quality rocking chairs from the legendary Texas mesquite tree since 1982. He spends over 200 hours artistically crafting each chair out of rough hewn mesquite. Each piece of mesquite used in the rocking chair is selected for its unique grain pattern. Intricate hand-tooled joinery is used to enhance both the strength and beauty of these chairs.

Robert has been featured in articles in the Wall Street Journal, Texas Monthly and Texas Highways. He has also appeared on several television documentaries including The Eyes of Texas, Texas Country Reporter, and the Discovery Channel.

Robert and his wife, Carrie, reside near the South Texas town of Uvalde. His shop is located three miles east of Uvalde on Highway 90. Visitors are welcome throughout the year.

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