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Hand Carved and Legacy Milled Accents

Name:  John Avery

Address:   Annapolis MD 
Type:   Professional

"I can't even begin to explain what this mill is capable of. It out performs my lathe in so many ways. It allows me to do even more than was advertised. "


John Avery

John Avery, a professional cabinet maker from Annapolis Maryland, picked up his first hammer and a saw at the age of 4. It was not until he served in the Navy as a ship's carpenter, however, that John really started to evolve into a skilled woodworker. 

Mr. Avery first encountered the Legacy Ornamental Mill at a Timonium Woodworking Show. John was intrigued by what he saw as he stopped to watch the short demonstration that was being presented in Legacy's display booth. Although favorably impressed, he decided to give more thought towards its purchase. He left the demonstration area intending to take the next several weeks to mull over in his mind that which he had just seen. Consequently, he toured the various booths looking at the other woodworking machinery that was being displayed. He was drawn back to the Legacy booth, however - left again - came back again. Because he often integrated extensive ornamental and hand carving designs into his work, John found the various features of the Legacy Ornamental Mill irresistible. He realized that the Ornamental Mill that he had just seen demonstrated would allow him to do what he wanted to do with relative accuracy and ease.  

One example of John's approach to woodworking is demonstrated in the fireplace mantle that he, with a few suggestions from the design staff at Legacy Woodworking Machinery, recently constructed. The inspiration for the design of this mantel came to him while he was completing a Victorian style parlor, including floor to ceiling raised panels, hand carvings in cherry wood etc., for one of his clients. Apparently his client's wife desired something with a similar Victorian theme in her bedroom. She showed John a picture of what she had in mind; John's imagination took it from there and the design concept for the mantle was born. John found the Legacy Ornamental Mill a valuable tool in helping him bring his creation into fruition as well as minimizing the production time involved.   

While our machine cannot compete with John's hand-carving capabilities, he couldn't stress enough how the mill allowed him to expand his woodworking capabilities while reducing his production time.

"I can't even begin to explain what this mill is capable of. It out performs my lathe in so many ways. It allows me to do even more than was advertised." John Avery

"Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives." William A. Foster

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