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Name:  David Fekete

Address:   Waterbury CT 
Email:   dfekete@sbcglobal.net
Type:   Professional

"If you want to really enjoy woodworking, you have to get this machine, it is unlike any other. Everyone is familiar with the table saw, the hammer, or any other conventional woodworking tool but they alone limit your creativity. This machine, on the other hand, is unique because it shatters all preconceived woodworking conventions of the day."

"I am currently in the learning and development stages with my new LEGACY - in a point of transition. This machine is going to be my big hobby, however. I would like to break away from the traditional. I'm not a designer, but I'm getting my feelers out."

"I consider myself to be relatively new to the Legacy, but I have found out that anyone who understands basic woodworking can benefit from this machine. Individuals with even a little woodworking know how can easily enhance their work by leaps and bounds."

"I've been building cabinets and furniture for over thirty years now and the Legacy allows me to put the fun back into woodworking. This machine allows me to break away from traditional woodworking protocol. I'm no designer but with the Legacy, it feels like designs just happen and all I do is play"


David Fekete

March 2005

David Fekete grew up in an environment that nurtured his naturally inquisitive instincts by encouraging him to investigate the many offerings found in the world around him. One of which was the work shop that his father had built in the basement of their home. Dave began dabbling in woodworking at the age of ten. Since that time his range of work experience has extended from a one-man cabinet shop to being employed in a mass-production furniture shop. He has designed and assembled high-end entertainment centers that housed electronic systems in the $50,000 range. Dave currently resides in Waterbury, Connecticut where he is employed by a company that crafts unique display stands and tables for antiques.

It is interesting how Dave became acquainted with the Legacy woodworking mill. In the late Nineteen Eighties Dave was creating many traditional style tables that included reeding and flute designs. To assist him in producing the needed parts easier and simpler he bought a newly designed woodworking tool that was being then marketed as THE WOODCHUCK. It was a device uniquely designed to allow him to turn stock to round then add to it either straight or spiral reeding and flute designs. It also allowed him to flute, mortise, dovetail or add rosette designs to flat stock. Dave loved his WOODCHUCK for what it could do but felt that its design could be enhanced allowing it to be even more versatile.

A few years back Dave saw a machine advertised that was similar to his only it was called THE LEGACY. He thought to his self, "Isn't that interesting, here is a machine with a different name and color that not only does what my machine does, but much more." Shortly thereafter Dave visited a local woodworking trade show at which he saw Andy demonstrating the unique capabilities of the LEGACY. After the demonstration Dave mentioned to him that he had a similar machine called THE WOODCHUCK. You can imagine Dave's surprise when Andy told him that he was the inventor of both machines and that THE WOODCHUCK had been "metamorphosed" into today's LEGACY. Greatly impressed the excited Dave collected all the information he could on the new machine and later ordered a LEGACY Model 1000EXL along with its Rotating Table and Horizontal Vice.

Despite his desire to accelerate his experimentation with new designs and new techniques on his new LEGACY, Dave does not want to disturb the interesting niche that he now fills in his present profession.

"I fit antique pictures, textiles or hand-painted glass into displays. It is interesting work and I love doing it. That is why I have stayed with it for so long. One of the draw backs in my line of work, however, is that I rarely get to see the finished item." Dave Fekete 

Having spent many years producing beautiful pieces for other people has only fueled Dave's desire to create and market his own line of products.

"I am excited about the twists and turns that I can now do with it that I could never do before with the WOODCHUCK. I have completed only a few pieces so far, my full-time job has limited me more than I would like to have it do." Dave Fekete

Dave stated recently (2005): "If you want to really enjoy woodworking, you have to get this machine, it's pure fun! Unlike many conventional woodworking tools, you can go from start to finish on a project with the legacy. It also gives you the flexibility to enhance other pieces in your projects book that other machines just can't do.

I am currently in the learning and development stages with my new Legacy, having been a long time fan of its smaller counterpart the Woodchuck. Improvements to this machine have made it a serious woodworking tool that produces unique products that most other tools are incapable of creating. With any luck this machine could turn my profession back into a hobby again!"

"Pushing machines and my own capabilities to their limits keeps me busy thinking of potential creations. I believe that anyone who understands the basics of woodworking and the proper use of tools can benefit from the Legacy. You dont need years of shop experience or a degree in engineering to operate it, just a little time and some scraps of wood and you'll end up having way too much fun!"

Dave attended the recent (2006) Springfield, MA Woodworking show and was delighted with the new Legacy innovations that Andy demonstrated there.

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