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Gallery Projects:

Mosaic Top, Milled Leg Designs

Candle Holders
Various Designs

Fluted Stem

Bowl, Tazza
Bowel on a Spiral Pedestal

Pineapple Barrel

An Array of Designs

Name:  Al Hoffman

Address:   Scottsdale AZ 
Email:   glorial@msn.com
Phone:   (480) 860-0805
Type:   Hobbyist

"Last week I received my copy of the Legacy magazine. Seeing the article (Legacy Ornamental Mill Magazine, volume 5) on Marcia Benner was a delight. Marcy introduced me to her Legacy (after your visit). I also had the privilege of seeing the work Mike and she had made. She then demonstrated how it worked. This did it, and I purchased the Legacy and attachments the same day."

"I started to make pens after I read Tracey's article in the Legacy magazine. "


Two daughters receiving there doctorates along with his trying to keep up with their 19 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren has kept the Hoffman family pretty busy. With all of that, however, Al has still been able to find time to pursue his hobby in woodworking.  

"As a newcomer to woodworking I purchased a ShopSmith unit a few years back. When these units came out 40 years ago I wanted one, but raising five children with limited resources didn't allow this. When I saw it on a TV ad at a local mall I went, saw and bought. I have made several projects with it (including an heirloom cradle for a great grand daughter). One frustration I had was with the lathe attachment. Your woodworking magazine advertisement stating that the Legacy Ornamental Mill allowed turning items without a lathe caught my eye. I called, received the information, spoke to Stan and Dane, visited with Marcia Benner and bought the Legacy.

The lesson that came with the Legacy was excellent in making 8 of the 10 projects. It eased me into the complexities of milling wood and making wood projects that our family enjoys.

I'm almost finished with the plate holder that Dane designed and featured in volume 3 of your Legacy Ornamental Milling Magazine. This will be given to a granddaughter for her wedding next month in their new home. I'm always looking for new and challenging projects.

My background has been with major manufacturing firms in the management ranks. I'm very familiar with all types of equipment and the learning curve required to becoming a proficient operator. Marcy's immediate results with Legacy showed its ease of operation. Of course your detailed instruction manual and videos opened the way.

Legacy has opened new activity possibilities for me, challenging at times, but very rewarding. Thanks to the Legacy crew."  Al Hoffman 

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