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Modified Rope Design

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Wooden Flower Vase Surround

Wooden Flower Vase Surround

Wooden Flower Vase Surround

Candle Holder
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Candle Holder
Elongated Spiral Flute Design with Tip Insert

Candle Holders
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Mancala Gameboard

Name:  Mike & Marcia Benner

Address:   Mesa AZ 
Email:   mnmbenner@juno.com
Type:   Hobbyist

"After being someone who has allowed machinery to mystify itself for so many years, I get tickled when I'm changing gears or making adjustments to the machine. The design of the Legacy makes it all so simple. I can't believe I'm doing this . . . It's just so neat!"

"Anybody can do this. All I have to do is turn the Legacy on and everybody says 'Wow!' The machine really runs itself. Even my practice pieces look impressive. Though I'm a beginner the end product looks good. Because I'm such a 'klutz', even I'm amazed at what happens!"





Mike Benner was a professional Patternmaker during his lifetime. Even after he retired, Mike kept a wood shop of almost commercial proportions in his basement, complete with an old Oliver patternmaker's lathe. Mike generously crafted furniture, bowls, vases and more for his local house of worship.

After Mike's first wife passed away, he traveled to Arizona from Pennsylvania. There he met Marcia at a housewarming that she was hosting. During that event Mike told Marcia, "I'm looking for a wife." Recently widowed she answered, "Well I'm not shopping!" Though Marcia had not intended to go "shopping," she was intrigued by Mike Benner and they started dating soon thereafter. 

When Mike and Marcia first started dating, Mike mentioned that he was looking for a machine that could turn spirals, so Marcia started surfing the internet. She connected to one of the many bulletin boards that were available and conversed with someone about a unique machine called the Legacy Ornamental Mill. She was given the address of Legacy Ornamental Machinery's Canadian representative who, in turn, asked the main office in Utah to send Mike an information packet, which they gladly did. (This was during the summer after their marriage in April, 2000.)

Mike was so intrigued with the various ornamental mills offered by Legacy Woodworking Machinery that during his next trip from Pennsylvania to Arizona he & Marcia stopped by Legacy's main office in Provo, Utah for a tour and demonstration. Favorably impress, Mike ordered his machine and stored the 9 boxes under his mobile home in Arizona to await their spring trip back to Pennsylvania. That summer in Pennsylvania, Mike had the opportunity to try out his new Ornamental Mill.

He loved his machine. Mike never sold the things he made on the Legacy, however, because he felt most people would not appreciate all that he had put into them. He did, however, give a few of his creations to the friends that he thought would cherish them.

Marcia always enjoyed doing things with her hands, but had never tried woodworking. She did, however, enjoy spending time with Mike in his shop. While there she asked so many questions that Mike bought her a scroll saw for her birthday. Mike forfeited a third of his shop to Marcia and they spent many enjoyable hours together.

Sadly, Mike passed away in February of 2002. After the funeral, Marcia hired a moving van to transport her things from their Pennsylvania home to her home in Arizona. She had originally planned to leave the Legacy mill behind, but after giving the matter a second thought she told the movers to load it into the van.

After Marcia was settled in Arizona, she ventured into the field of woodworking once again expanding her scrolling experience to include not only Mike's Ornamental Mill but other facets of the woodworking business. She became so involved that she remodeled her shop to accommodate her new found interests.


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