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Gallery Project

Decorative Staircase & Balcony Balusters

Name:  Gerald H. Dresselhouse

Address:   Chelsia MI 
Type:   Hobbyist


Gerald's hobby is woodworking and over the years he has made a lot of furniture. Gerald and Jan's son & daughter-in-law were building a house and they wanted Gerald to build the staircase with lumber that was cut from their own forest. Using their own saw mill, they cut the cherry boards and then dried them over a period of time.

In order to perform the quality of work that he felt the house merited, Gerald & Jan purchased one of Legacy's ornamental mills. Gerald then took the dried lumber and, with the Legacy mill, made 81 balusters for the stair case and adjoining balcony. Everyone who enters into the house raves about the beauty of his creation.

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