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Name:  Andy Hill

Address:   Saint Charles MO 
Email:   ahill2@charter.net
Phone:   (314) 946-5210
Type:   Professional

"Andy's success story is similar to many others whom we have seen in our line of work that have received those deep feelings that come from combining their active imagination with our innovative equipment to create unique items. The Editor"


Andy's Legacy Story

The story behind this very unique barber pole began in 1996. A small group of five entrepreneurs wanted to provide a new approach to men's hair cutting. Along with a new comfortable atmosphere and services they wanted an old fashion looking barber pole to be a land mark of distinction to their shop. They call themselves Hair Saloon for Men. Quite by chance they were given my name and number, Andy's Custom Woodworking. I met with them to get the requirements for the barber pole. They wanted the thin line between red and white stripes to be a recessed/cut in groove. At that time I did not have the equipment to make a spiraling groove.

While working on a design from a book titled "The Vanishing American Barber Shop" I remembered seeing literature on a piece of woodworking equipment called The Legacy Ornamental Mill. Somewhere among all my books I found a flyer on the Legacy Mill and called your company. You were able to tell me where I could find a mill here in my own town. With the owner's permission, I set up the model 1500 Ornamental Mill to cut a 1/2" wide x 1/4" deep with a 15" pitch spiral groove in an 8" diameter x 36" long pole.

At that point I knew that I could, with a few small changes, meet the requirements of the desired barbershop pole design. I built the first barber pole for the first Hair Saloon for Men barbershop, March 1997. By this time the group had not only opened their first shop, but was soon to open a second one and preparing to open the third. They were very pleased with the results and asked me to make two more. I begin with an 8" x 8' wooden porch replacement pole, cut it into three parts, put centers in the hollow pole, turn right and left hand grooves in two sections and cut eight flats on the third short section.

Hair Saloon for Men is now selling franchises, and shops are opening more frequently. Nine shops are in operation today (Oct. 2004) and several more are preparing to open. Anticipating the rate of shops opening will go to three or four per month, my plans are to purchase two more mills models 400 and 900.

A little about myself: I was born and raised in the St. Louis area and have lived in St. Charles MO. 46 years; have been married to a wonderful lady for 49 years; have worked 35 years for McDonnell Douglas designing military aircraft systems.

While I was growing up my father always had a shop and taught me a lot about working with wood. About ten years before retiring in 1991, I built myself a 20' x 30' work shop in my back yard. Do a lot of custom jobs both new and repairs. Sometimes wonder if I am really retired.

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