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Gallery Projects:

Bowl, Tazza
A Design Borrowed From The Ancients

Bowl, Tazza
A Design Borrowed from the Ancients

Bowl, Tazza
A Design Borrowed From The Ancients

Bowl, Tazza
A Design Borrowed From The Ancients

Ornamental Trophy Cup

Vase, Hollow
A Hollow Willow Design

Vase, Inca Format
Multiple Detailed Designs

Vase, Tapered
Tapered & Circular Flute Design

Vase, Globular
Hollow Spiral Design

Vase, Eliptical
Eliptical Hollow Spiral Design

Vase, Bocote
Hollow Acorn Design

Fluted Legs and Corniced Feet

Spiral Tapered Legs

Name:  Dr. Courtland Smith

Address:   Kennett MO 
Type:   Hobbyist

"I have really been enjoying my Legacy since I purchased it in February of this year (2000). Within the last 2 months I have gotten more and more interested in ornamental turning. . . . "

"In my opinion, the greatest feature of the Legacy Ornamental Mill is how you can add decorative details to what you create on a lathe. This capability allows me to take a giant step above the average wood turner"


Dr. Courtland Smith is an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist residing in Kennett, Missouri (located in an area known as the "Boot Heel" of Missouri). When Dr. Smith first moved there he noticed that people in Missouri were really into woodworking. Since woodworking had also always appealed to him, he joined a local woodworking club - The Southeast Missouri Woodworkers and Wood Turners.

Dr. Smith's first encounter with the Legacy Ornamental Mill occurred when some of his fellow wood enthusiasts, who hadn't even seen the machine, or even an advertisement for that matter, first told him about the Legacy Ornamental Mill and what they heard it could do. When he came across an advertisement featuring the Legacy, his curiosity began to grow. His interest really accelerated, however, when he attended a trade show in St. Louis and spoke with Tracy, Legacy's representative. About a year later his interest had peaked to the point that he decided that he had to purchase a Legacy Ornamental Mill of his very own.

After his purchase Dr. Smith commented that: "You can do much more with this machine than you can with a lathe. For the woodworker who enjoys using a lathe, however, the Legacy Ornamental Mill adds a whole new dimension to what can be created. I find the combination of the two machines intriguing."

Dr. Smith enjoys the freedom that his Legacy adds to his woodworking. "The more I use the machine, the more I can figure out what I want the machine to do for me, and the more freedom I have as a woodworker. . . I have many new ideas that I am anxious to explore." Dr. Smith's desire to explore new possibilities with the Legacy lead to Legacy's engineering department creating a double indexing system that increased the machines indexing capability several fold.

Within 3-4 months after receiving his Legacy, Dr. Smith created his first Tazza, an Italian word for a shallow ornamental vessel that is usually mounted onto a pedestal. The inspiration for his pedestal design came from a 19th century woodturning publication. His own work, however, was featured in the February 2001 Current Work section of Fine Woodworking Magazine. The inspiration for Dr. Smith's Tazza creations comes from the woodturning masters of the 1800's. He has created a number of Tazzas but always attempts to make them look exactly like the ones that were originally crafted in the 1800's.

Dr. Smith donates many of his pieces to charity. He regularly gives items he makes to his church and to the Delta Children's Home in Kennett for benefit sale or for auction.

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