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Demonstration Videos for the Legacy CNC Upgrades

Legacy Woodworking Machinery now offers a choice of two powerful CNC upgrades for the Legacy Ornamental Mill. These upgrades will fit on the existing models 900, 1200 and 1800. By purchasing the optional upgrade kit the CNC Upgrades will also fix the model 1000EX and 1500EX. These powerful upgrades automate the Legacy Ornamental Mill and add new capabilities including carving on Spindle Stock. Watch the videos below to see both CNC Upgrades in action.

Standard CNC Upgrade Video  

Standard Series CNC

and two new Commercial CNC 5-Axis Milling / Turning Machines. The models 9614 and 9611 are Built from the ground up as 5-axis milling machies, The Standard Series CNC package is perfect for the home shop that wants to add automation and the expanded capabilities to their Legacy Oranmetnal Mill at an extremely affordable price. Click on the video below to see the Standard Series CNC in action.

Performance CNC Upgrade Video  

Performance Series CNC

The Performance Series CNC package is designed for the serious woodworker
requiring faster cutting speeds and more torque. Click on the video
below to see the Performance Series CNC in action.

Carving a Corbel Video Class

Carving a Corbel

In this video we will show you step-by-step how to setup and carve a corbel on the model 900 with the Standard CNC Upgrade.

Demonstration Videos for the OM5 5-Axis CNC Turning / Milling Centers

Legacy Woodworking Machinery also offers two models of Commercial CNC 5-Axis Milling/Turning Machines; these are the model 9611 and 9614 with each model offered with two different variants in material handling capability. They are built from the ground up as 5-axis milling machines so why not watch the OM5 Demonstration Video to see these versatile CNC milling machines in action. Then review your business in the light of the incredible price/performance these products could offer your business.

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